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solveig, hareskoven, march 2014

solveig, hareskoven, march 2014

hotel room, avoriaz france, winter 2014


avoriaz france, winter 2014

mathilde, avoriaz france, winter 2014

hope you’re all doing fine. winter has finally come to copenhagen - i sure picked the right photo to illustrate my point.. that being said, i find that the freezing wind is the worst of it. and i haven’t even been out that much. exams are messing with my head - oh how they always do that. i spent some time with a friend yesterday, and i found that i’ve lost my ability to ramble about and listen to the important stuff. the stuff that doesn’t involve interest rates, the solow growth model, standard operating procedures, budget maximizing bureaucrats and what not. so i’ve decided to push all situations that involve other people until after my two exams are over. then i’m going to france to ski. freedom. will.photograph.a.lot. 

hello. today i moved away from KBH K. i’m going to be staying at my parents’ house during january, come february first i’m moving to nørrebro. it’s quite sad to leave the apartment. but well, happy new year! 


Just a little political statement here in the jolly holidays!

the trip to barcelona in short: cycled the beautiful, open promenade along the ocean (almost getting hit by a bus on the way). watched my mum cry when she entered the sagrada familia church. ate good (really good). enjoyed the sun. discussed what i liked the most, the mies van der rohe pavilion or palau güell (found that you can’t compare the two). went to the miró museum and the MACBA and wasn’t that excited about either one of them. walked at night through the narrow streets of the old town, and had some much needed long talks with my mum.

i’m going to my friend Jo’s place for new year’s. this is the menu, and she drew it herself and intends to make it all on her own. she rocks my world.